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Xin Hua Li Electronic(HK) Ltd.

Xin Hua Li Electronic(HK) Ltd. is located in Shajing Street, Baoan District,Shenzhen. It is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, producting and sales of printed circuit board. The company was established in August 2008,with an investment of 100 million RMB, a registered capital of 30 million, and more than 320 employees, The headquarter is located in the world financial center in southern China----Hong Kong.

The company has strong technical force, high cultural quality of the production team, the use of advanced production technology with a complete laboratory, analysis and testing means, coupled with scientific management can provide customers with high precision, high quality single, double and more Layer circuit board production. Can be one-stop to meet customers, large quantities, high-precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried holes and other special PCB needs. Companies in the "focus on quality, technological innovation, integrity-based, customer first" principle, attention to innovation and behavior, to encourage innovation, and constantly explore new ideas, new technologies, products and services continue to meet customer needs, so as to get customers Support and trust. At the same time the company has passed IS09001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, SGS certification,It is a national high-tech enterprise with 17 invention patent technology certificates. These have become the basis for the continuous development of the company and its products, enabling the company to provide customers with faster, faster, and high-quality services.

General advantage

1. Advanced and efficient production equipment

The company purchased a full set of automated production equipment, precision testing equipment to ensure quality. In terms of key technologies such as line spacing, the precision of product processing has been greatly increased.Product standardization and stability level,production efficiency have been improved. Good quality and low price,the company has a large production scale, with a monthly production capacity of 35,000 square meters.

2. Solid foundation for technological innovation

The company attaches great importance to independent technological innovation and R&D investment, has a number of national patent certificates, and continue to innovate and update the application of technology, actively digest and absorb the international cutting-edge technology, and make the product technology contain.The volume is at the forefront of the industry.

3. Mature and stable talent team

The company has a complete product structure, with products covering single/double layers, multilayer and metal core. In the comprehensive industry practice, cultivate a professional, dedicated and experienced technical team,have independent research and development and design capabilities.

4. Fully inspected by internal and external markets

The company's products are exported to many developed countries in Europe and America, as well as China's domestic market, with annual export sales accounts for 65% of total sales. Products are widely used in military industry, medical treatment, communications, lighting, security, industrial control and other fields.

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